City Of God

1. Daniel Rezende certainly did a good job with editing City of God. The editing style is very fast paced and vivid. It fits the drug/gang themes of the film well and it even gets your heart racing watching it. The fast cuts and different point of views( especially in the opening scene) really set the tone and grabs your total attention.

2. Having no professional actors in this film really brought out a realness to the roles. I didn’t know they were scouted from the favelas until after I watched the movie. I just thought they were really good actors. I guess they were just comfortable with their roles because they were used to life in the slums. If the director chose professional actors I don’t think the film would have turned out as great. The acting and grittiness reminded me of the show The Wire, which like City Of God used young people from impoverished backgrounds to add a level of realness.

3. The fact that the film makers are Brazilian is only fitting. If City Of God was a Hollywood film I doubt it would have been as authentic. I honestly cant say what the Hollywood City Of God would have looked like but I’m imagining more explosions and a different musical score.

4. The violence and poverty in the favelas is represented as an everyday thing. The film does not shy away from portraying the violence of everyday life in the slums of Brazil. You can see that the characters in the film are desperate and their only way out is a life of crime. Rocket is an exception to the group though. He represents hope and doing things the right way to get out of the favelas.

5. The role of the Media in this film is that of a comfortable observer. They want to capitalize on the craziness going on with the drug wars. The people working for the newspaper all seem to be middle class white Brazilians that have no experience with the people living in the slums. Even though Rocket’s big break came from being published on the front page, the lady that put the photo there did not think of anyone but herself and the newspaper. She didn’t consider the fact that Rocket could be put in danger for exposing the identities of Lil Ze and his gang.

6. The police in City Of God were corrupt. They seemed undermanned and unable to control the favelas, so they joined the chaos and tried to profit from it. I think the directors were trying to show that there are two sides to the problem and that something must be done to improve their police force.